with over 20 years experience we have gained an invaluable understanding of local and global dynamics in the growing organic movement. 


We offer domain name registrations and customized hosting solutions with flexibility and room to grow. 


we have been a trusted prider of stable managable website solutions for almost 20 years in Tanzania. 

Ecosystems East Africa (ESEA) Ltd. is a professional consulting services company based in Tanzania, dedicated to interfacing local expertise to an international cliental. With a strong focus on applying permaculture principles to environmental conservation, restorative agriculture, potential carbon credit projects, organic food production and supply chains, we are committed to driving holistic development in East Africa and beyond.

Our experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver tailored solutions and strategic insights. In the field of information technology, we enable digital transformation, empower businesses with cutting-edge technologies, and foster digital inclusion for all.

We are passionate about environmental conservation and provide comprehensive services to protect ecosystems, preserve biodiversity, and mitigate climate change impacts. Furthermore, we actively promote organic food production. By supporting local farmers, enhancing food security, and championing sustainable agricultural practices, we contribute to healthier communities and a more resilient future.

At ESEA, we value collaboration and are always open to partner with like-minded companies. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and create a new ecological econonmy.